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Jane Hendry

Client Attraction Specialist

Jane Hendry works with small service businesses to gain quantum leaps in the results they get from all of their marketing efforts.  She helps them to create an attention-grabbing and persuasive message, to find the marketing methods that work to attract clients, instead of constantly chasing after business, and to focus on a niche market where they can position themselves as experts in order to charge higher fees.

Jane founded Attractioneering in 2001 because she knew from experience that small businesses needed help creating marketing solutions, and yet there was very little in the way of practical, affordable help being offered to them.  She discovered that small businesses usually had a choice between free help from government funded agencies (rarely dispensed by marketing specialists) or expensive marketing consultants more geared up to help medium to large enterprises and whose solutions didn’t really fit the needs of professionals, consulting practices and coaches.

She wanted to change all of that by offering something specifically designed for small businesses – low-cost, accountable and effective marketing that delivers measurable results and generates a positive ROI.  To this end, Attractioneering also works with other professional specialists to provide a full service to clients in pursuit of their marketing goals.

Jane has been self employed since 1995, and has also been the director of a limited company. She’s worked with small, medium and large organisations including BT, EDS, TSB bank, Coca-Cola Schweppes, Compaq, NSW Parliament and NSW Department of Education.

After graduating with a Degree in Business Studies, Jane worked in finance, marketing and IT.  She began her career by working for 2 micro businesses and witnessed first-hand how they struggled and lurched from project to project with no strategy, no plan and very little in the way of organised marketing.  One went into terminal decline, and the other survived mainly by virtue of happening to be in the right place at the right time.  This was when she resolved to one day become a business and marketing consultant – to help these types of businesses achieve at the very highest level, instead of constantly struggling to get clients and make sales.

Jane has also spent 23 years pursuing her interest in psychology and personal growth and has graduated from the Insight trainings and the advanced Sedona method course.

“As they say, first love never, ever dies.  I’ve always loved the flexibility and vibrancy of the small business world but working with larger organisations taught me about processes and how to be systematic. As an IT consultant I learned to look beyond what the client was saying, and to find the root cause of their problem, rather than taking what they said to me at face value.  The skill of diagnosis and the discipline of creating systems has served me very well in helping small businesses organise their marketing.

My training in personal growth also helps me see the often hidden reasons for lack of progress.  When I did a course on mentoring a little while ago, I was described as a “natural mentor”.  I believe this is because I’m able to see past the presenting issue and find out what’s really going on with my clients.

I’m passionate about marketing and helping people to succeed.”

Jane lives in Watford, Hertfordshire.  She enjoys music, going to parties and relaxing at her local.  She’s done a respectable amount of travelling, including living in Australia for 4 years, and likes nothing more than checking the weather forecast before racing down the motorway to spend a day or two on the beach at Studland or Sandbanks in Dorset.

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