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The Benefits of Specialising

There are a number of reasons why specialising is beneficial to your business, including making it easier to identify and find potential clients, and making it easier for them to understand the outcome that you offer them.

But there’s another benefit as well – making it easier on yourself!  Here’s an article by Alexandria Brown – “The Ezine Queen” which dramatically demonstrates how NOT specialising can not only make life difficult, but dampen your confidence and professional standing. Read More →

Is There a Magic Marketing Formula?

One of the biggest mistakes that I see small business owners make is to spend their money (or time) on marketing or advertising, not get the results they want and then conclude that marketing doesn’t work. Or they keep on spending their money and time on advertising, despite their lack of results and convince themselves that it’s “raising their profile”. (In reality, it’s probably just money down the drain.) Read More →

Successful Businesses vs Struggling Businesses

What’s the difference between successful businesses and struggling businesses?

Or why do some firms flounder whilst others flourish?

Have you ever noticed how some businesses seem to do extremely well, and go from strength to strength, whilst the majority just seem to muddle along? Read More →

The 7 myths of marketing a service business

Myth 1: Marketing is a cost, not an investment

When you spend time and money randomly on marketing, then it probably is an expense because you’re not generating a return on the resources invested in it. Read More →

Which Marketing Solution is Right For You?

If you’re running a small business, then at some point you may be faced with the problem that you want to gear up your marketing in order to grow the business, but at the same time you’re afraid of getting it wrong and losing whatever you invest in it. Read More →

Are You Targeting the Right People?

One of the biggest mistakes I see consultants, coaches and professionals make is to be unclear about who their ideal client is, and to carry out their marketing without any specific definition of their target market. In fact, most are hedging their bets and trying to appeal to everybody.

Intuitively, this seems the right way to go. We might presume that the more people you can appeal to, the more likely you are to get business. It’s the law of large numbers – if you throw enough darts at the board, then eventually you’ll hit the bullseye.

However, this approach has a number of drawbacks. Read More →